Port Austin Township Library

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Video Conferencing Anyone?

Did you know that the Port Austin Township Library has Video Conferencing equipment that can be used by the public?

The Port Austin Township Library would like to announce the availability of Video Conferencing technology for public use.  The equipment was graciously donated by Mark and Lia Murray when the library was going through the new and exciting process of expanding.  This system is a wonderful addition to our library and we would like to share it!

Video conferencing allows one to view and speak with an individual with similar technology anywhere in the world.  This technology would be useful if:

  • You are on vacation but need to attend an important meeting at the office
  • You need specialized training that can be conducted off-site
  • You represent a community organization that would like to confer with another organization or individual
All of these things and more can be accomplished using the Video Conferencing equipment located in the Reading Room.  If you are interested in taking advantage of this equipment, please contact the library and leave your name and phone number and Jane will contact you to reserve time on the equipment.  Please feel free to contact us with any questions!